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TSB Mailer - бесплатный скрипт для немедленной отправки почтовых сообщений посетителями Вашего сайта. Возможность ведения истории избавит Вас и Ваших клиентов от проблем, связанных с работой почтовых сервисов. Письма никогда не останутся непрочитанными.

У Вас всегда есть доступ к истории сообщений, которые были отправлены с сайта. Это не допустит того, чтобы сообщение Вашего клиента не дошло или затерялось в спаме. Вы всегда будете в курсе, даже если письмо к Вам не дошло.

MailerQ is built to deliver large amounts of email. Our solution enables you to manage a powerful on-premise SMTP server. Our easy-to-use Management Console provides real-time insights into all traffic going through MailerQ and enables you to control an extensive set of deliverability settings on the fly. With MailerQ messages never have to touch a disk, so you can say goodbye to your expensive hardware and start delivering with higher performance using low-cost servers. MailerQ is designed with a strong focus on performance. Due to message queueing in memory and a multi-threaded non-blocking architecture, a single MailerQ instance can easily handle thousands of messages per second.

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Sending a message is very straightforward. You create a Transport, use it to create the Mailer, then you use the Mailer to send the message. When using send the message will be sent just like it would be sent if you used your mail client. An integer is returned which includes the number of successful recipients. If none of the recipients could be sent to then zero will be returned, which equates to a boolean false. If you set two To: recipients and three Bcc: recipients in the message and all of the recipients are delivered to successfully then the value 5 will be returned:. Transports are the classes in Swift Mailer that are responsible for communicating with a service in order to deliver a Message. It can deal with encryption and authentication.


Get set up in minutes and reach the inbox with confidence. Verify that an email address from your list actually exists. The email marketing solution for fast-moving teams. Attempted delivery of up to 15 million emails in a single hour, guaranteed. Predict deliverability issues and take action to improve performance. Partner with an email expert to improve your deliverability.

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Powered by Outfunnel. Here are some tips how to handle bulk mail, for example if you need to send 10 million messages at once. Delivering bulk mail Here are some tips how to handle bulk mail, for example if you need to send 10 million messages at once. Use a dedicated delivery provider. Basically you get what you pay for and if you pay zero then your deliverability is near zero as well. Email might seem free but it is only free to a certain amount and that amount certainly does not include 10 million emails in a short period of time. Use a dedicated queue manager, for example RabbitMQ for queueing the emails.

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