Windows 10 Default App Remover

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Windows 10 Default App Remover - небольшая простенькая утилита для удаления предустановленных приложений в операционной системе Windows 10. Не все приложения в Windows 10 полезны и нужны, и если у Вас по какой-то причине возникает необходимость удаления таких встроенных приложений из Windows 10, то сделать обычным способом это невозможно.

Эта программа позволит избавиться от 3D Builder, Будильники и часы, Калькулятор, Камера, Get Office, Get Skype, Get Started, Музыка Groove, Карты, пасьянс Solitaire, Деньги, Кино и ТВ, Новости, OneNote, Люди, Телефон, Фотографии, Магазин Windows, Спорт, Запись голоса, Погода, Xbox.

Приложение не требует установки в систему (портативная программа), имеет минималистический интерфейс и не требует настройки. Все что Вам нужно - выбрать программу для удаления и согласиться с ее деинсталляцией.

Вы застряли с несколькими приложениями на вашем компьютере с Windows 10, которые вы больше не используете или не хотите. Время избавиться от них, чтобы освободить место на диске и освободить ваше меню Пуск. Вот почему полезно использовать сторонние деинсталляторы, такие как Revo Uninstaller, IObit Uninstaller и Ashampoo UnInstaller, которые могут полностью уничтожать целые приложения, не оставляя следов. Отсюда можно удалить некоторые приложения Windows, для других предустановленных приложений кнопка удаления будет неактивной. Эти встроенные приложения можно удалить другими способами.

How to Reinstall (Enable) Windows 10 Default Apps using PowerShell - Windows 10 Tips and Tricks:

So, there is the need to uninstall all the unwanted apps or to free up disk space. Right click on the app that you want to uninstall and choose Uninstal l. Click at Start button and click Settings. At the right pane, select an app and then click Uninstall. The default Windows 10 Apps cannot be uninstalled from Windows GUI and you have to uninstall remove them by using a third party program like CCleaner see Method-2 below or by using PowerShell commands see Method-3 below. Download and install CCleaner on your computer. Run CCleaner utility and select Tools on the left pane.

How To Remove Windows 10 Default Apps:

As its name clearly states, Windows 10 App Remover is a piece of software capable of helping you remove some of the pre-installed apps from Windows 10, without the need for complicated command-line or PowerShell wizardry. As you might have already guessed, it allows you to install the apps back again, with only a single mouse click. However, please note that this mode is highly experimental and its success rate is fairly low, as we have discovered during our tests. It does not require any type of installation and, to our surprise, it does not even require full administrative rights in order to do its magic. In fact, running it with administration rights might actually deter its functionality. Even though we have found the app to be very well-behaved, please keep in mind that is an unofficial app and, as with most things, unexpected situations might occur. Windows 10 App Remover.

How to Uninstall Preinstalled Bloatware Apps \u0026 Software of Windows 10 (Easy):

Nevertheless, we have to distinguish between conventional desktop applications and the touch-optimized apps that were introduced with Windows 8 because the latter have to be managed in a completely different way. Windows 10 comes with a few pre-installed apps that you might not want to have on end-user PCs. When it comes to program deployment, a minimalistic approach really makes sense. You have several options for creating a reference OS image without the pre-installed Windows apps. I know of three ways to uninstall Windows 10 apps: you can manually uninstall each app, use the Windows 10 App Remover, or leverage PowerShell. Note that not all apps can be removed this way for instance, the OneNote app or the Music app.

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