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Startup Sentinel - утилита для управления автозапуском программных продуктов при старте операционной системы, что позволяет сделать работу ПК более быстрой и безопасной. Этот инструмент обнаруживает новые программы и позволяет заносить их в список автозапуска, отказать в автозапуске или внести в черный список, чтобы в дальнейшем Startup Sentinel автоматически отклонял запуск такой программы.

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Startup Sentinel kann den Computer schneller machen, indem die Freeware Programme aus der Autostartgruppe wirft und so den Windowsstart beschleunigt. Der kleine Startup Sentinel Download zeigt uns alle Programme an, die irgendwann einmal ihren Platz in der Autostartgruppe gefunden haben. Ist man sich unsicher, sucht das Tool bei Google nach weiteren Informationen zu dem Programm. Es gibt verschiedene Autostartmanager. Der Startup Sentinel ist insofern schon etwas Besonderes. Sobald nun irgendein Programm versucht, sich in die Autostartgruppe einzutragen, meldet uns das Tool diesen Versuch sofort.


We analyze the opportunities and challenges of this approach. Update: the startup says they " are now just weeks away from seeing the hard work of the whole team come to fruition". Nothing in the market actually addresses preventing a crime in progress or intervening in an effective way! Update: We ordered one to test. It is not scheduled to ship until next quarter so it will be some time before we post it. Lots of valuable market and product feedback from lots of talented people, at no cost, before launching a product…. Deep Sentinel, David Selinger, follow-up.

Startup Product Pitch Session: John Kirch Chief Evangelist at Sentinel Protocol:

Stack Sentinel is error tracking for your application: on the web, on the server, and on mobile. See More regated with similar or identical exceptions. Integration is easy with many languages and frameworks already directly supported with libraries or easy-to-use snippets. Stack Sentinel also collects user feedback about exceptions and stores them for developers to review. Still not convinced? We threw in uptime monitoring for free. Stop waking up to thousands of emails.

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