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SimpleProgramDebugger - простая утилита для отладки системы Windows. Она подключается к выполняющимся в системе процессам или же запускает новый процесс в режиме отладки.

Эта программа может показывать выполнение загрузки и выгрузки DLL, создание потоков и процессов, выход из потоков и процессов и др. В целом, это приложение предлагает несколько важных опций для мониторинга и отладки кода, которые могут пригодиться разработчикам и продвинутым пользователям.

DevTools includes a full source-level debugger, supporting breakpoints, stepping, and variable inspection. When you open the debugger tab, you should see the source for the main entry-point for your app loaded in the debugger. This will open the libraries window and allow you to search for other source files. To set a breakpoint, click the left margin the line number ruler in the source area. Clicking once sets a breakpoint, which should also show up in the Breakpoints area on the left.

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When you run your program, execution begins at the top of the main function, and then proceeds sequentially statement by statement, until the program ends. All of this tracked information is called your program state or just state , for short. In previous lessons, we explored various ways to alter your code to help with debugging, including printing diagnostic information or using a logger. These are simple methods for examining the state of a program while it is running. Although these can be effective if used properly, they still have downsides: they require altering your code, which takes time and can introduce new bugs, and they clutter your code, making the existing code harder to understand. However, what if we were able to remove this assumption? Fortunately, we can. Most modern IDEs come with an integrated tool called a debugger that is designed to do exactly this.

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All well-known J-Link features can be used with Embedded Studio. After you have built your Application you can load it onto your target hardware and examine its execution. The Debugger features various debugging windows, useful for gaining advanced information about the application and its execution. The most used window is the Source Code Editor. In Debugging Mode it shows you where your application is currently halted. A black dot marks lines on which a breakpoint is set and when the Application reaches this line it halts execution. You can directly get information about the symbols in your application, by moving your mouse over them.


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