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My System Monitor - это небольшая, но весьма полезная портативная утилита, которая добавляет на экран Вашего монитора верхнюю панель с отображением некоторой полезной информации о системе:

Все очень просто и ненавязчиво, но вполне удобно для быстрого получения определенных полезных данных.

Очень удобно шарить его по паролю! Войдите , пожалуйста. Все сервисы Хабра. Как стать автором. Эксперимент по использованию легального софта в домашних условиях.

HOW TO MONITOR PC TEMPS \u0026 PC PERFORMANCE - Best Hardware Monitor for PC:

System Monitor II is a gadget for Windows 10, which presents a brief overview of the system, displaying information on the desktop. System Monitor II showing data on the desktop. Use very low system recourses. In addition, gadget displays the model of the processor and its clock frequency, loading the processor and each core or stream separately. Also you can combine them. Supports up to 40 cores and multi CPU system. You can easy customize the interface by changing the color, background and detail of the graphs, if there are multiple processors, you can determine which characteristics you want to control, switching between them is done by scrolling the mouse wheel. There are a lot of settings, and if you want to customize everything to your liking, you will have to spend some time on it.


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Setting your Win10 PC to Output the Best Display for your Monitor / TV:

System Monitor is designed to monitor Microsoft Windows computers on a network. You can set it up to log events and create usage reports to databases located anywhere on your network. By adding rules that will be triggered when certain conditions are met for a specified resource on a computer, you can have notifications sent through email, visually presented or use the Microsoft Text-To-Speech to hear them spoken out loud. No installation required of additional software on remote computers Easy, fast and non-intrusive installation Search remote computers for files, folders or running processes View report logs using text or 2D graph mode View event logs and manage services and shared folders on remote computers View detailed information for all running processes on remote computers Use traceroute or portscanning to identify connection problems or security issues Quick access to Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection to remote control remote computer with eases Easy overview of all computers on the network that can be monitored Get started within minutes thanks to the very easy-to-use graphical user interface Online tooltips for instant help. Have you tried System Monitor? Be the first to leave your opinion! What do you think about System Monitor?

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