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Mouse Monitor - небольшой гаджет для ОС Windows Vista/7, который отображает подробную статистику использования мыши, как например количество кликов левой и правой клавишей, ее "пробег", скорость и т.д.

Все настройки сохраняются в файле Path: %APPDATA% File: gadgetname_Settings.ini.

Share one Mouse and Keyboard with Multiple Computers The software "ShareMouse" lets you control multiple computers from a single mouse and keyboard: Watch video demo Move the mouse to the monitor of the computer you wish to control and the pointer magically jumps to that computer. Any mouse and keyboard input is transmitted to the corresponding computer. All traffic can be password-protected and AES encrypted. To switch between computers, there is no additional hardware or press of a button required. Similar to a keyboard switch , you can seamlessly operate multiple computers on your desk from any mouse and keyboard.

$400 Laptop Gaming Setup (Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Headset):

Turn your mobile phone or tablet into a set of wireless mouse, keyboard and trackpad. Control made simple. With smarter multi-touch gestures, all you need is to click and slide. Watching videos in bed? Filling house with music? Or making a self-running presentation? Remote Mouse allows you to control your computer freely at anywhere and at any time. Shut down, restart, log off or put computer to sleep in one click.

My $700 Gaming Setup for Budget PC Gamers! - Mouse, Keyboard, Headset, Monitor, etc.:

We purchase our own mice and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. Start with our picks for the best mice below. These are the ones we recommend based on our testing and in-depth mouse reviews. Gain unlimited access to detailed test results in tools and results no blurred results. Get insider access.

How to Fix Mouse Cursor in Dual Monitor Setup - Tutorial:

December I have three monitors, only one of which I play the game from the other two are USB. It happens multiple times in most battles. I have to use the utility "CursorLock" to keep the cursor on my main monitor. However, even with CursorLock, a bug still causes my mouse cursor to move over a monitor. I am playing a rogue with bow and arrow, it typically happens in battle when there is a lot of action.

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