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Free Registry Cleaner - бесплатная программа для очистки реестра, удаления в нем ненужных и ошибочных записей. Для безопасности программа автоматически создаст резервную копию всего реестра, чтобы, при возникновении нештатной ситуации, можно было его восстановить.
Помимо чистки реестра, имеется возможность удаления ненужных файлов с диска, возможность редактировать список автоматической загрузки Windows, а также присутствует менеджер процессов и модуль деинсталляции программ, установленных в системе.

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Best PC Cleaner Software for FREE (2020):

Выбор языка в Wise Registry Cleaner Free. Интерфейс программы Wise Registry Cleaner Free. Оптимизация системы при помощи Wise Registry Cleaner Free. Дефрагментация Wise Registry Cleaner Free. Резервное копирование Wise Registry Cleaner Free. Бесплатная утилита для чистки реестра операционной системы, которая автоматически обнаруживает временные и устаревшие файлы и удаляет этот мусор для лучшего быстродействия системы.

Registry cleaner free 8.1 license key for Windows (safe and secure)- 2020-21 PC-Cleaner - Eartherk07:

A registry cleaner is a class of third-party utility software designed for the Microsoft Windows operating system , whose purpose is to remove redundant items from the Windows Registry. Registry cleaners are not supported by Microsoft, but vendors of registry cleaners claim that they are useful to repair inconsistencies arising from manual changes to applications, especially COM -based programs. The effectiveness of Registry cleaners is a controversial topic. Due to the sheer size and complexity of the Registry database, manually cleaning up redundant and invalid entries may be impractical, so Registry cleaners try to automate the process of looking for invalid entries, missing file references or broken links within the Registry and resolving or removing them. The correction of an invalid [ clarification needed ] Registry key can provide some benefits; but the most voluminous will usually be quite harmless, obsolete records linked with COM-based applications whose associated files are no longer present. Some Registry cleaners make no distinction as to the severity of the errors, and many that do may erroneously categorize errors as "critical" with little basis to support it. It is not always possible for a third-party program to know whether any particular key is invalid or redundant.

How to Clean your Computer Registry \u0026 Faster Laptop Windows 10 - Free Registry Cleaner:

Wise Registry Cleaner is by far one of the most successful freeware registry cleaning applications to date. It has become so successful because of the great results it produces by speeding up your computer experience. The application also gives you a comprehensive overview of problems it finds and gives you the chance to remove the entries. This particular registry cleaning tool, as with any other self-respecting program in that category, allows you to restore and backup the registry quick easily. Scans take very little time and the interface of Wise Registry Cleaner Free was inviting to both novice and intermediate users. When we ran it, we found it did a great job at generally improving the performance of our system. Overall, highly recommended.

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