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ExifDataView - это небольшая утилита, которая считывает и отображает данные EXIF, хранящиеся в файлах изображений .jpg, созданных цифровыми камерами. Данные EXIF включают название компании, создавшей фотоаппарат, модель фотоаппарата, дату/время съемки, время экспозиции, ISO, информацию GPS (для цифровых фотоаппаратов с GPS) и многое другое.

Выбранные данные можно экспортировать в HTML файл. Программа не требует инсталляции.

Significant amounts of hidden data are recorded whenever you take a picture with a digital camera or a smartphone. Almost every digital image holds secrets about a photo, detailing where and when it was taken, what device took it, and more. This information even includes particular photography details such as lens size and exposure settings. This data is called EXIF metadata, and accessing it varies from device to device. They say a photo is worth a thousand words—a statement that certainly has some truth when you consider digital photos. EXIF metadata is hidden technical data saved with photos taken on cameras, smartphones, and other imaging devices. When you take a photo on a camera or smartphone, information is stored as part of the image file itself, including the GPS location showing where the photo was taken if your device has the ability to record that.

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Learn everything you need to know about EXIF metadata - what it is, ways to view and edit it, and how you can use it to improve your photography. I was the same way for a long time - it sounded like it was probably complicated and of little practical use. This information is known as "metadata" and can include things like the date and time the shot was taken, camera settings like shutter speed and focal length, and copyright information. For example, you might notice that a shot of a runner has turned out a bit blurry, so you can examine the metadata to check your shutter speed, aperture, ISO speed and so on, and decide how you could do things differently in future. Luckily camera manufacturers have thought of this and come up with their own equivalents which do support RAW, and when you later save the file as a JPEG that data will be converted to EXIF and stored with it. As you can see, it contains detailed information about the camera, the settings used for this shot, and the final image itself. Windows - Right-click on an image, select "Properties", and switch to the "Details" tab. Linux - Right-click the file and choose "Properties".

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View Screenshots 4. Try It In Browser! ExifDataView Tags. ExifDataView Details. Works on : Windows 10 Windows 8. You can download ExifDataView which is

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