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AutoPowerOptionsOK - небольшая бесплатная утилита, которая позволяет управлять параметрами питания ПК, как например настройка выключения монитора, режим сна и переключение между разными планами электропитания в установленные пользователем интервалы времени.

Выключение монитора и переход в режим сна автоматически активируется, если через заданный промежуток времени не активна мышь или клавиатура. Аналогично осуществляется и переключение между планами электропитания. Например, если мышь или клавиатура не используются в течение установленного пользователем времени, то энергетический план переключается с Сбалансированного на Энергосберегающий.

You can choose when your system and your monitor sleeps. This is a power saving option and another great way to save power before your system enters sleep is to change power plans on system idle. More importantly, you can also use it to trigger a power plan change on system idle. AutoPowerOptionsOK has two versions; a portable version, and an installable version. You can use whichever version suits you best. Run the app.

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Write A Review. Reduce PC energy consumption by configuring a customized power switching plan that is easily accessed and adjusted at any time. While the Windows operating system provides us with options for managing PC power, but they are based only on the idle state of the system. In addition, to change them, you have to navigate via Windows Settings or the Control Panel depending upon which Windows operating system installed, to the choice of power plans found under Power and Sleep in System Settings. All very time-consuming. AutoPowerOptionsOK APO-OK provides a simple icon in your system tray for fast access to your power plan via a right-click context menu to easily switch between balanced performance mode and low power mode.

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AutoPowerOptionsOK is a very small portable program that allows you to switch your computer from the desktop directly, or the info area of the taskbar to-tray , for quick access to the power options, and also auto change or adjust the power plan! Customizable Auto turn off timer for the monitor! Customizable auto sleep timer for the computer! Auto switching to another energy plan! User Rating: 0 0 votes. Why AutoPowerOptionsOK: On some Windows operating systems, the power options are adjusted, but sometimes not complied with, especially under Windows 10 by the many background apps, without that you can do something as a user on your own PC, with a size of less than KB , that is the Right Tool for this Job to reduce Your Energy Consumption.

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Auch kann der Rechner nach einer einstellbaren Zeit in den Schlafmodus geschickt werden. Umgedreht gehen die Einstellungen auch. Aber auch das ist noch nicht alles. Im Prinzip die Befehle, die wir hier aufgelistet haben. Ich bin nicht allwissend, was Windows angeht. Aber genau deshalb nehme ich Windows gerne auseinander und unter die Lupe, um all mein Wissen zu erweitern.

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