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Advanced Call Center - электронный секретарь, обладающий функцией автоответчика с автоматическим определением номера. Программа позволяет использовать имеющиеся аппаратные средства для определения номера телефона вызывающего абонента, либо осуществлять программное определение номера, используя возможности, предоставляемые модемами с поддержкой голосовых функций (voice modems). Кроме того, в программу встроена записная книжка, режимы громкой связи и одностороннего прослушивания линии через колонки, подключенные к звуковой плате. Реализовано дистанционное управление с помощью тонального набора.

Непосредственно поддерживаются все голосовые модемы модельного ряда U.S.Robotics / 3Com Sportster, а также модемы Courier V.Everything. Кроме того, программа может работать со многими модемами на чипах Rockwell (Conexant) и HCF, Lucent, Cirrus Logic, IDC и ZyXEL (в модемах IDC и ZyXEL поддерживается аппаратный АОН), и другими.

С использованием TAPI возможно использовать практически любое Windows-совместимое коммуникационное оборудование.

CLOFFHotel является современным, удобным и мощным инструментом для работы Вашего отеля, который позволяет эффективно автоматизировать его бизнес-процессы. Naumen Contact Center — комплексное программное решение, содержащее все необходимое для организации корпоративного или аутсорсингового контакт-центра. Скорозвон — сервис для холодных звонков, который помогает отделам продаж обзванивать базу контактов. Единое окно оператора. Номера Запись разговоров.


Thanks to the contact centre professionals who voted for these awards. It makes these the most impartial of all the contact centre technology awards. CustomerSure is an easy way to set up a working customer feedback process, by obtaining opinions at important points in customer journeys. The cloud platform makes it quick to set up simple surveys, connect to your existing IT systems — so surveys are sent at appropriate times — and makes it easy for you to instantly follow up on the feedback you receive, so customers are not left disappointed. Alongside this feedback loop, CustomerSure provide powerful reporting tools — enabling you to report on your preferred satisfaction metric, whether that is Net Promoter Score NPS , Customer Satisfaction, Customer Effort or your own in-house metric. The platform then allows you to segment scores — by individuals or business units — perform text analysis to spot trends and provides detailed response rate reporting, so you know your surveys are making it through.

Grandstream Webinar - Advanced Call Queue Configuration:

Build a virtual call center as a part of your multi-channel help desk solution. The price to value ratio is second to none, thanks to advanced features such as unlimited call recordings, smart routing, and IVR. All calls are recorded and registered in your universal inbox in the form of a ticket, or inside a hybrid ticket, stream to give you a complete overview of all customer interactions. Customers expect a personalized approach the moment they start a call or live chat with your company. Offer a branded or localized experience with specific welcome messages for different brands, departments, and phone numbers. Your customers will select the specific issue they want to tackle on the phone call, which saves time and resources on both sides.

16 Secrets Call Center Employees Won’t Tell You:

Combining the advanced IP PBX technology and the robust Asterisk call center management software QueueMetrics , both cloud-based and on-premises, Yeastar now offers an integrated system capable of both smart telephone management and powerful call center analysis, to provide a consistent customer experience and create delightful customers. Enjoy enhanced customer satisfaction and let your call center managers monitor agent productivity, measure targets, conversion rates, and view campaign statistics with a simple and easy to use interface. Support unlimited agents, queues and campaigns. Expand numbers of agents as long as you need at any given time. Advanced Contact Center Reporting. Reports on call center activity, divided by queue and filtered by agent and time period, that show what happened in details during a specified period. Measure targets, conversion rates and all agent activities with instant access to vital statistics from any device with a web browser. Enhanced IVR, automatic call distribution, music-on-hold, call recording and many more are all within reach with fast and easy solution implementation.

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