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Active@ Boot Disk - полнофункциональная операционная система на CD/DVD/USB диске. Является загрузочным диском, который можно запускать на компьютерах где уже загружена ОС. Не изменяет ОС уже установленную на жестком диске компьютера. Включает в себя множество инструментов для загрузки компьютера, исправления конфигурации компьютера и проблем управления системой, восстановления потерянных данных, создания резервной копии Windows, сброса паролей учетных записей и др. Может использоваться даже для компьютеров, на которых не загружается основная операционная система.

Boot Disk включает в себя:

Особенности Active@ Boot Disk:

Active Boot Disk charakteryzuje brak ingerencji w pliki systemowe. LSoft Technologies Inc. Dodaj do ulubionych. Najnowsze poradniki Xiaomi Mi Band 5 - najlepsze sposoby na wgranie tarczy watchface. Mac OS X.

Active Boot Disk : Easy way to access your data and repair your PC:

The disk images may be used for backups, PC upgrades or disk duplication purposes. Compare: Standard vs. Business vs. Enterprise Licenses. Any PC user knows that the first thing after installing the fresh operating system is to back it up either creating its image or cloning it. Those who had trouble with persistent and indestructible malware know how much it can be painful when the only solution is to format main partition and install operating system all over again. Although OS reinstallation takes around minutes with modern operating systems and hardware it is still a great headache when you need to reinstall all of your programs from scratch and this can last a lot longer than a mere OS reinstall.

Using Active Boot Disk:

Помощь сайту. Заказать рекламу. Новое на сайте. Active Boot Disk Особенности Active Boot Disk: Полный доступ к не загружаемому компьютеру.

How to Recover Windows Partition Using Active Boot Disk:

Restoring the system in case of a failure or recovering important data from a damaged computer that no longer boots into Windows are some activities that require specialized tools. Since there are quite a few such applications, it should be only a matter of time until the right one is picked out of the bunch. One of the utilities that received the appreciation of many users is Active Boot Disk and it aims to handle several tasks, so it is by no means a single-purpose software. Because it is designed to repair Windows installations, recover files when the OS is no longer usable and other related actions, this disk should be used to boot from it and then perform the required repairs. Through a friendly interface you will be able to enhance an already beefed-up feature set and personalize it. More precisely, Active Boot Disk will make it possible for all users to build on its Windows Preinstallation Environment WinPE and include some additions they consider useful. The boot up options consist of Windows, DOS or a dual boot that uses both.

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