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A Bootable USB - небольшая и простая в использовании утилита, с помощью которой можно легко создавать загрузочные USB диски для установки Windows Vista/Server 2008/Seven. Программа будет очень полезна при установке операционной системы на компьютеры и ноутбуки у которых отсутствует CD/DVD привод. Поддерживаются USB накопители объемом 4 Гб и больше. Утилита не требует инсталляции.

Phone Transfer. Now the problem is fixed and I want to convert the pen drive back to normal. Anyone knows how to make pen-driven on bootable? Sometimes, Windows system can fail and prevent you from booting and accessing your PC. While encountering such a thorny problem, you should create a USB bootable disk from which you can enter into the WinPE environment to troubleshoot the problem. And when you succeed, you may want to restore the bootable USB to normal so that you can use it as an external storage media to back up or store data. Fortunately, it is not hard, just a simple formatting operation can make bootable pen drive unbootable.

How to create a bootable macOS Catalina USB Install drive:

For Windows there are a ton of software programs that help you create bootable USB drives. Even Microsoft has its own tool. Of all the available tools, Rufus, a free and open-source application, is one of the best. In fact, Rufus is one of those tools that every Windows user should have in their software catalog. Let me show how you can use Rufus to quickly create a bootable flash drive in Windows. Note : This tutorial assumes you already have the ISO file. Along with a regular installer, Rufus also comes in a portable variant. After downloading, install and open Rufus.

Download Rufus 3.8 - making a bootable USB / Pen Drive into Win 7 - Full Tutorial - HD:

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How To Make A Windows 10 Bootable USB For FREE:

Bootable disk is required when we need to do a fresh Windows installation. Bootable disk is a disk which contains special files to boot up or startup the computer to start a utility or program. In this case to install a Windows 10 operating system we require a bootable disk to start the installation process of Windows A bootable disk is not required when we upgrade from older operating system like Windows 7 to Windows But if we downloaded an ISO file to install it on a different PC or for a clean install we must have to create a bootable disk. Microsoft has provided official tools to create a bootable disk without using any third party software.

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