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EMCO WakeOnLan - бесплатная программа, которая предназначена для удаленного администрирования по локальной сети.

С помощью утилиты можно легко включить один или одновременно несколько компьютеров, поддерживаются сети любого масштаба, присутствует функция обнаружения MAC-адреса удаленных ПК, отправка пакетов одновременно к нескольким ПК и многое другое.

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User Rating: 2. Software Drivers. By means of this tool, the centralized WOL command can be initiated with just one mouse click. All required operations are automated - you should only select target PCs. The Wake-on-LAN operations can be initiated on demand or scheduled for automatic execution at the defined date and time. You can also schedule recurrent daily, weekly and monthly tasks. File Size:

Wake on LAN - Start Your Computer or Server Remotely with WOL:

View Screenshots Try It In Browser! Works on : Windows 10 Windows 8. Networking Tools. Thank you for downloading from SoftPaz! Your download should start any moment now. It would be great if you could rate and share: Rate this software:.

How to install \u0026 uninstall Windows software remotely:

Released: Mar 25, View statistics for this project via Libraries. For more information on the wake on lan protocol please take a look at Wikipedia. To wake up a computer using wake on lan it must first be enabled in the BIOS settings. Please note the computer you are trying to power on does not have an ip address, but it does have a mac address. The package needs to be sent as a broadcast package. Mar 25,

How to use Shutdown, Wake-on-LAN and other tasks:

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