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Reaction Time Indicator - небольшая программа для определения времени реакции человека на световые раздражители (времени реакции зрительного анализатора на появление сигнала на экране). Можно использоваться для тестирования операторов и в учебно-исследовательских целях. Предусмотрено два уровня сложности: ожидаемый и неожиданный сигнал. Достоверность результатов обеспечивается от трёх до десятикратной повторностью измерений.

Этот индикатор интересен уже тем, что его алгоритм базируется на различных горизонтальных уровнях, трендовых линиях и паттернах метода торговли Price Action. Сам же этот метод в чистом виде представляет собой безиндикаторную торговую систему, не предусматривающую использование каких-либо дополнительных технических инструментов. Трейдер, анализируя показания цены по методу Price Action, может прогнозировать ее поведение в будущем, опираясь на уровни и модели свечных паттернов, формирующихся на графике. Этими свойствами обладает инструмент MDZ Price Action, тем он и представляет большой интерес для трейдеров. Хотя MDZ и ориентирован на поиск паттернов на ценовом графике, его главная функция — поиск значимых уровней, от которых удобно вести торговлю. На базе метода Price Action создано много инструментов и торговых систем.

Which F1 Driver Has The Best Reaction Time?:

Mental chronometry is the study of reaction time RT; also referred to as " response time " in perceptual-motor tasks to infer the content, duration, and temporal sequencing of mental operations. Mental chronometry is one of the core methodological paradigms of human experimental and cognitive psychology , but is also commonly analyzed in psychophysiology , cognitive neuroscience , and behavioral neuroscience to help elucidate the biological mechanisms underlying perception, attention, and decision-making across species. Mental chronometry uses measurements of elapsed time between sensory stimulus onsets and subsequent behavioral responses. It is considered an index of processing speed and efficiency indicating how fast an individual can execute task-relevant mental operations. RT is constrained by the speed of signal transmission in white matter as well as the processing efficiency of neocortical gray matter. Reaction time "RT" is the time that elapses between a person being presented with a stimulus and the person initiating a motor response to the stimulus.

miniProject #5_1: Measure your visual reaction time ( Arduino + Resistors + LEDs):

Exclusively available to NinjaTrader users. When you sign up for a free trial form located on the right side of your screen , you will receive the following:. It tells you when to buy, when to sell and when to stay out. It will also identify strong or weak signals. It will help you identify critical points in the market. As a market timing indicator, will help you take advantage of those points at the very beginning and ride them to the very end. It will help you get early entries into major price moves.

Leveling Up Your Game: Reaction Time \u0026 Cognition Training ft. Vince Mancinni (Noted) -- #91:

The science suggests that human reaction time is an indicator of a body with better "system integrity". The master control centre for your reaction is, of course, your brain. In a split-second it processes information and then sends impulse signals to your muscles. Age brings little change in the speed of these impulses. What slows down is the speed at which the information is processed. When you constantly use your brain and push it to its full capacity, it stays more alert. Take a thick strip of card 20cm long and 5cm wide and mark it as shown on the diagram to the right this is not to scale, but use it as a guide. Now ask a friend to hold the piece of card at the top.

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